Day-Cation 1: Target, Wine, and a New Painting

I noted in an earlier post that I will be moving to Bowling Green, Ohio, at the end of the summer to begin a doctoral program at Bowling Green State University. Before my last day at St. Norbert College on Friday, May 10, I have 41 hours of PTO (paid/personal time off) to use. Today was my first day-cation!

After a quick 5K run in the morning, I made my way to Target for their Market Pantry Raspberry Blackberry Sparking Water. (I previously purchased my flavored sparkling water at Walmart, but I refuse to buy it there anymore. I had a very traumatic experience that I will not forget: I could not get any of the bottle caps off my sparkling water. Imagine the frustration!) I walked out of Target with an $80 receipt and items that I didn’t really need, including a watch, two mix-and-match bands for my new watch, thank you cards, blackberries, and a few other items.

Earlier in the week, I drank my final bottle of “three-buck Chuck” from Trader Joe’s. Since I drink a glass or two of wine each night, I needed to restock. My trip to Woodman’s was an absolute failure. Not only did I get lost due to construction, but I wasn’t pleased with their sales. I swung by Festival Foods on my way home and purchased six bottles of Beringer (2010) – 3 bottles of merlot and 3 bottles of cab sav. Simple, not-so-fancy wines to enjoy in the evening.

When I returned home, I was in the mood to paint. Not only did I finish my first painting (pending Cindy’s blessing), but I also started my second. I knew that I wanted to paint the picture below. I snapped the photo during my backpacking trip to Eastern Europe two summers ago. It was taken in Borova, Ukraine – the town where I lived for three months while I was training with the Peace Corps.

Inspiration1Since I’m not too fond of the background, I’m going to incorporate a portion of the following photo, which was taken in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on the same backpacking trip. (Ironically, when I showed both pictures to Cindy, she told me not to paint them. I’m such a rebel artist!)

Inspiration 2Here’s the progress that I made on my painting. Remember, it’s just the first few layers.


NewPainting2I’m already looking forward to my next day off!


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